Braun has become a known name within shaving terms, and the company frequently pleases its customers with a variety of efficient, and durable shavers for an affordable rate. Whether the customers are casual about their appearance, or the customers take the act of shaving as an art, chances are there will be a shaver for all customers’ needs. If you are new to electric shaving, don’t forget to some tips for shaving.

While Braun has several shavers available, there are three that stick out in terms of excellence and efficiency. These shavers are not only quality, but are also good for their price, a fact that not many shavers follow. The Braun Series 7 790CC, Braun series 5 550cc Wet and Dry, and the Braun Series 3 380s, are frequently discussed when talking of Braun’s strongest of product inventories.

Braun Series 7: 790 CC – Best Shaver for Men

The Braun Series 7 is an excellent series of shavers, and the 790cc is no exception to the rule. The shaver features numerous qualities that place it above the other competing shavers, most often than not, these qualities are never copied. For one, the grip of the product is featured as non-slip, so in cases you are using the shaver under wet conditions, you can maintain a steady grip on it.

This shaver gives other products a run for their money, and many customers have pledged that this shaver gives the closest shave possible, whilst providing little to no irritation in the process. The shave will produce a smooth, flawless looking shave that can reach even the hardest of spots.

The Braun went through a series of tests, one dealing with the coarse of a beard, and the sensitivity of some more private areas. In both tests, generally, customers marveled the product, saying it was one of the best shavers for the price of 200$. This product is easy to maintain, also, as it is quite easy to clean, as well is it easy in keeping it efficient and working.

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Braun Series 5: 550CC Wet And Dry

This shaver is another strong product under Braun’s inventory, and the fact that the Braun Series 5: 550CC is durable in both wet and dry conditions, makes it even better! The shaver comes equipped with an adjustable trimmer, which in turn provides the closest, smoothest shave that is matched by few competitors.

The shaver frequently produces a smooth looking skin, that can last for several days, dependent on the person’s hair growth in that area. The shaver offers a decrease in irritation, and whilst its not completely irritation free, very few competitors offer the same guarantee. The shaver works well with both short and long hair, making it a perfect fit for stubble, as well as the coarsest and thickest of beards.

The shaver also works dually, whether you are jumping into the shower, or you just got out of it, the shaver works well in both conditions.

The Braun 550CC is quite a good deal in terms of a quality and durable shaver and often available for some price. The shaver comes with a two-year warranty, which covers a variety of topics, including lost or damaged parts.

Braun Series 3: 380S

Braun 3Series 380S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver

Braun 3Series 380S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver

Wrapping up the three of the best Braun shavers, the 380-S, is not as good as the others listed. This shaver is rechargeable, meaning it comes as a cordless product. The shaver requires only a short duration for charging, where as it can perform double the time it takes to fully charge.

For example, if it were charged for 15 minutes, you can expect the product to work for 30 minutes without additional charging. Unfortunately the shaver is a little bit noisy and our idea is that this Braun doesn’t shave that well as they other two above. Therefore isn’t certainly not the best shaver for sensitive skin!

The shaver comes with an extended clip, making it a tad bit easier to get the smallest and hardest places for shaving, like the back of necks, or patches of chin or cheeks. The shaver is very easy to wash since you can rinse it in water, and it requires little maintenance outside of traditional cleaning and scrubbing of typical shavers.

The shaver fits perfectly in one’s hand, and the grip is non-slip, making it a tight grip in all circumstances. One of the greatest benefits of this shaver is it’s capability to act as a corded shaver, and cordless, as the shaver can be used with or without the cord. As long as the shaver is charged, it will be able to use without the need of the cord, or the use of the cord whilst plugged in. As with most shavers, this shaver ranges in price on where you buy it, but its average base price is very affordable.

While this price may be guaranteed by only a few vendors, it is expected that this shaver could be found below 70$ in most instances, and therefore this shaver is affordable to most customers. But if you can spend just a little bit more then my recommendation would be the Braun 550CC wet&dry shaver. That shaver is so much more convenient to use and gives such a smoother shave, it’s really worth the bit of extra money.

When compared to the other two listed, the product might not the best electric shaver for everyone because the end result of the shave isn’t as good, it’s making quite a bit of noise and it does not come with a guaranteed 2-year warranty.

Update: One more Braun shaver which unfortunately we didn’t had available at the time for the comparison, is the Braun series 7 799cc. You can read its full review soon on this website.