Outside of its televisions, many few know of Panasonic’s fame as a quality shaver producer. While there are several competing, strong companies, usually Panasonic is able to hold its own in the shaver market. From the expensive cordless shavers, to the generic face shavers, Panasonic is likely to have the kind of shaver you need for your hair trimming business. So what are the best ones? In narrowing down the best of the best, Panasonic is usually left with three very strong shavers that truly reflect the company’s name and work effort: Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV81-K, Arc 4 ES-LA93-K and the Arc 3 ES-LT71-S.

Panasonic Arc 4 ES-LA93-K

Following the Arc 3, the Panasonic pros improved upon the downfalls of the Arc, by producing the 4 bladed systems known as the Panasonic Arc 4 ES-LA93-K.

This shaver features a very vast motor inside its little shaver, with some even going as far as saying the fastest shaver motor in the world. Generally, the Arc 4 comes in two models, and the differences are miniscule.

There is the ES-LA93-K, which comes with a automated cleaner system, as opposed to the manual necessity for cleaning with the ES-LA63-S. For those who don’t care of manually cleaning the shaver, you could save by going with the manual option. Besides the cleaner system, both products are congruent in description and specifications, as they both perform the same task, which is delivering a close as possible shave with a smooth trim.

The design of the Arc 4 is relatively sleek and sharp, offering nothing special in terms of look and feel. Where the Arc 4 truly excels, is the fact that the Arc 4 delivers a very close shave that very few electric shavers can match.

The Arc 4 only needs a hour to charge, and with that charge, you can expect 45 minutes of use before the next charging. The cleaning system has been noted as being a tad bit too loud, so users should note this before purchasing the more expensive type.

Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV81-K

The best shaver under the best of Panasonic’s inventory also happens to be the most expensive.

This shaver will push those on a budget away, as the shaver is up in price, however it has been dubbed the very best electric shaver available for purchase. As well as the best shaver, this shaver has been called the quickest available also, making it able to shave one’s body in a matter of minutes.

The Arc 5 improves on the previous ES-LA93-K Arc 4 model, by offering a more lightweight shaver, as well as adding an extra blade for even more precision cutting. This shaver, like the countless others mentioned, does offer a close, clean shave, but rarely does it involve any irritation or pain from shaving. It would be difficult with this shaver to produce any cuts, or withdraw blood, as this shaver is one of the safest bets for a smooth shaving experience.

As with the Arc 4, there are two options available for purchase under the Arc 5 name, ES-LV81-K is one; the Arc 5 ES-LV61-A is the other. The difference between the two is -K is featured with a full cleaning and charging system, whereas the -A variant is without both of these features. Your choice between the two will likely depend on convenience, as neither features deal with the devices functionality; however, the addition of a cleaning system is a huge asset when frequent use of the shaver occurs. Read the full review of the Panasonic shaver ES-LV81-K here.

This shaver is ideal for those who care much about luxury and comfort whilst using a shaver, as its normal retail price might be a little to expensive for the casual shaver. If you want the fastest and most efficient electric shaver, that produces a clean, smooth trim, you may want to cough up the bucks for the amazing Panasonic Arc 5 model.

Panasonic ES-LT71-S Arc3 Mens Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES-LT71-S Arc3 Mens Electric Shaver

Panasonic Arc 3 ES-LT71-S


Panasonic is impressive with their products, and the Arc 3 is by no means different. The shaver is very well produced, and it features are sure to match even the best of shavers.

This shaver is featured with a motor, meaning it is used as either unplugged or plugged, as it can be used with or without the power cord. The shaver might not produce as close as a shave as other more expensive razors, the shaver is a good product for the price.

The Arc 3 has a very powerful motor, however you wouldn’t know it, as the shaver itself is relatively quiet. People with sensitive skin would find solace in this shaver, as it features very little irritation, and it one of the best in producing a well managed, smooth, trim.

The Arc 3 comes with three main blades, and it is waterproof, meaning you can use it in the shower, or after you are dried off. The shaver comes with a good cleaning system, as the shaver can be charged, cleaned, and maintained by a simple push of a button. While the fluid does cost money to be replaced, the shaver itself is worth the money, and the fluid is usually not drastically expensive.

Certainly if you want to extend your 30s or 40s this is a very good shaver! You wont regret it. Of course brands like Braun and Philips have similar good shavers and you might want to have a look at them as well!