Offering what is probably the simplest solution for easy hair removal, the Braun Se 3170 Silk Epil 3 epilator can make any woman enjoy four weeks of hair-free skin and smooth skin without leaving nicks, cuts, and itchy ingrown hairs like what razors do.

Working absolutely great for first-time users, this Silk Epil 3 epilator from Braun effectively removes the hairs at the root for long-lasting results. Contrary to the pain that you would normally feel from tweezing, this specific model has been especially developed to minimize discomfort and irritation.

Braun Se 3170 Silk Epil 3 Epilator

Braun Se 3170 Silk Epil 3 Epilator - advert

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Regarded as the secret weapon for non-stop smoothness, Braun introduced and improved the epilation method by removing as much as 90% of the hair in a specific area within just one stroke. This is due to the optimally positioned tweezers that work their way to get the all the hairs.

The Braun Se 3170 Silk Epil 3 epilator is carefully engineered for gentle epilation. This basically means that it has the great capacity to effectively remove the hairs from the roots without causing damage to the overlying skin or within the skin. As a result, the hairs grow back softer and narrower which would make it easier to remove in the succeeding sessions.

To know more about this awesome epilator, here are its detailed specifications:

  • Massaging rollers
  • 20-Tweezer System
  • SoftLift Tips
  • Speed Personalization
  • Stimulates and Massages
  • Smartlight
  • High-Frequency Massage
  • Dermatologically Recommended
  • Corded use
  • 2 Speed Settings
  • 20 minutes usage time
  • 1-hour charging time
  • Dry use
  • Washable head

Braun Se 3170 Silk Epil 3 Epilator - features

Braun Se 3170 Silk Epil 3 EpilatorFeatures

Proving to be the best option as a women’s shaver for easy hair removal, epilation leaves the skin so smooth like you have just come out of a professional waxing salon but without the expensive fee. If used correctly, it performs so well in removing hairs below the knee, above the mouth, and even in the underarm area. Pain is kept at minimum especially if compared to waxing and tweezing. It is like being pricked in the gentlest way possible.

The Braun Se 3170 works really simple. It is easy to use and equally easy to clean. The head where the tweezers are strategically placed are washable with plain water and/or mild soap. You just have to make sure to dry it completely before the next session.

To know more about the amazing benefits of this Braun Se 3170 epilator, check our compiled list below:

  • It thoroughly polishes the skin. First off, this Braun Se 3170 has massaging rollers which smoothly stimulate and massage the skin. This sort of preps the skin for the hair removal process that is about to happen. It somehow eases the epilation, hence, the almost painless hair removal.
  • The pleasant hair removal experience is further made possible by the 20-tweezer system which gently removes all hairs right at the roots for longer-lasting results. With this, anyone can enjoy up to four weeks of hair-free skin without any burns, nicks, and ingrown hairs.

In addition, this Braun epilator is dermatologically recommended. It delivers its promise of gentle hair removal with tailored features which makes the standard epilation process much more comfortable.

  • You can personalize it. There are two speeds to choose from depending on the thickness of your hair and the area. Speed 1 is for extra gentle epilation while speed 2 is for extra efficient epilation. With these two speeds, this Braun Se 3170 epilator makes sure that even the tiniest hairs are removed at the roots.

In addition, this epilator also comes with a Smartlight option which illuminates the area so you can see even the finest hairs. Thus, this totally ensures that you would not miss a single strand of hair regardless of the lighting at your bathroom or bedroom.

  • It is easy to clean. As opposed to razors wherein the blades eventually wear out and needs replacement, you do not have to buy a replacement with this one because the head is totally washable and it will not exactly wear out because it has no blades.

This device comes with small and multiple bristled brushes which ensure complete removal of the hairs that have been removed. Another option for cleaning would be an old toothbrush and mild soap. Pressurized water would also be helpful in getting rid of the hairs stuck in between the tweezers.


Braun has always been a popular brand that takes care of grooming essentials for both men and women. The specific model Se 3170 epilator is a great example of the grooming that is brought by Braun. It has got a lot of nice features. Consumers who have used this are extremely satisfied as there is no body part that they cannot use this on. Best part is that the hair grows back finer.


There is no doubt that this Braun Se 3170 works exceedingly great for women. However, there have been men who wanted to try this out and so they were the ones who gave certain comments about this not working as well as they had hoped. One must remember that this specific model is especially made for women and not for men. Braun has a separate line of products for men (Braun 7 799 and Braun 5 550).

Final Verdict

Braun Se 3170 Silk Epil 3 Epilator women shaver

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If you want to save on waxing, threading, or tweezing costs that you usually avail on your local salon, it is high time women try this Braun Se 3170 Silk Epil 3 epilator. It is like having your own professional tweezers at home but without the need to painstakingly remove the hair one by one. You just glide it on your skin and the hair is magically pulled out.

This can definitely be your one-time investment that you can use for as long as you want, therefore, saving you more in the long run.