For most men, shaving is and will always be part of their daily routine. However, not everyone has the skill to use razors. One of the many ways a man can achieve the 4 elements of shaving perfectly is by having a well-crafted and functioning safety razor.

Colonel Conk shave kit in black covers everything you will need to achieve that great shaving experience every day. From its razor to its brush and soap – the Colonel Conk shave kit has got you covered.

Colonel Conk Shave Kit Black Edition Safety Razor

Colonel Conk Shave Kit - Safety Razor, Bowl, Badger Brush, Shave Soap, Stand, and Extra Blades - Black Edition

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The Colonel Conk brand of shaving kits and razors started way back 1800s when the founder, Col. Conk developed the art of good shaving after he got married to a woman who owns lots of barber shops. From its roots, you can be assured that what this brand has to offers is nothing but good quality and customer satisfaction.

This kit has different pieces of tools you’ll need to have a good shave. Here are the kit’s specifications:

  • Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Includes Merkur #180 Slim Handle Safety Razor with Bar Guard
  • Black Stand where the razor and brush are held
  • Pure Badger Shave Brush with Chrome Handle
  • Black Shave Bowl
  • 25 oz of Col Ichabond Conk Shave Soap – High Desert Breeze


Colonel Conk Shave Kit Safety Razor - Black Edition Colonel Conk Shave Kit - Safety Razor Bowl - Black Edition Colonel Conk Shave Kit Safety Razor



Nothing compares the luxury and satisfaction a man can ever experience of lathering thick and fragrant foam then brush it off with a good badger brush and remove those hairs with your durable and high quality double-edge safety razor. With that in mind, the Colonel Conk ensures that a lifetime of shaving and brushing will be fully satisfactory.

Here are some of the kit’s best features:

  • Double-sided safety razor

This type of safety razor is not the ones you’d easily find in drugstores. It has a long and comfortable handle that’ll make it easy and snug for you to hold the razor while you do that thing with your beard. The double-sided or double-edged safety razor ensures that you’ll feel like you have never gotten any beards at all.

  • Pure badger-bristle brush

Brushing things off is pretty savvy with the Colonel Conk brush that comes in with the kit. It’s like having feathers brushing against your face making your shaving experience a pleasurable one.

  • A round bar of traditional shaving soap

Because it is made from a good manufacturer, you’ll know that this soap will give you the lather that you need to get the shaving routine going and fun.

  • Deep shaving bowl and coordinating stand with circular base

These compliments are great accessories to keep your shaving things at hand and well kept.


We’ve received over 300 customer reviews of the Colonel Conk Shave Kit, wherein most of them find the product to be really satisfying and useful. On average, it has 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. With that percentage of satisfied customers, one can assume that there’s probably something about this product that makes it a top choice among men.

Below are some of the good reasons why men prefer the Colonel Conk Shave Kit black edition:

  • Reviewers find the product to be really of great quality. Many of the reviews talk about how it amazed them and/or the men they gifted the product to. They had high expectations of the product and it didn’t disappoint.
  • It has a great packaging. They also find the kit, especially its black edition to be appealing. It complements well with their counter. They find the shaving kit is a good product to start with, especially if the user wants a double edge razor.
  • It’s inexpensive. One of the good things why many men love about the Colonel Conk shave kit is that with all the good features and good things this kit has to offer, it still is inexpensive.


Although the Colonel Conk shave kit received good reviews, it wasn’t spared from a few customers who were dissatisfied about the product. They had issues about the shaving kit. For instance, the badger and blade flakes. There were a few customers that threaded about how the badger and blade turned them off. Badger brush sheds off hair even during the first use. One of the users was disappointed when the brush hairs start to fall out even after he started using it. This the disadvantage of a safety razor compared to an electric shaver.

Final Verdict

Colonel Conk Shave Kit - Safety Razor - Black Edition

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The Colonel Conk Shave Kit black edition is a good bet if you are looking for a shaving kit that is not only inexpensive but also gives you the quality and comfort you want for a good shaving experience. And of course, it doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet like an electric rotary or foil shaver does.