They say that a man’s beard and mustache reflects his personality. Facial hairs, especially on men grow almost every single day and if you are the type of person who wants to sport a clean and neat look, these hairs need to be shaved constantly.

The fast pace of a man’s daily life these days may somehow restricts him from doing a routine facial hair grooming. Shaving takes time. Also, there’d be times that your trusted razors just disappoint you taking a lot of toll on your precious time. These and more reasons are what the Muhle S091m89 Sr safety razor shaving set is here. Read on this review to know more about the Muhle S091m89 Sr double edge razor and what it has in store for your shaving needs.

Muhle S091m89 Sr Safety Razor

Muhle S091m89 Double Edge Safety Razor

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Muhle S091m89 Double Edge Safety Razor - beautiful



The S091m89 Sr shaving set from Muhle features three of the manufacturers classic products packaged into one. The safety razor shaving set has everything it needs: a double edge safety razor, a shaving brush and a razor stand.

Here’s a list of the shaving set’s specifications that might appeal you.

  • Comes in with a shaving brush with silvertip badge
  • Features tooth-comb safety razor technology
  • Shaving brush size: Medium
  • Shaving brush head uses 21 mm ring
  • Razor stand is made of metal, chrome-plated material

Muhle S091m89 Double Edge Safety Razor - close smooth shave

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This shaving set of Muhle is a perfect idea if you want to give the man you love. Not only does it effectively shave off those facial hairs effectively, it also comes in with a shaving brush for better cleaning after shaving. Moreover, keeping it won’t be bothersome thanks to its razor stand.

Want to know more of this shaving set’s features? Please do read on.

  • Brush with silvertip badger

The Muhle S091m89 Sr’s shaving brush is carefully handcrafted making it easier for you to brush hairs off. The product is made by specialists using historical tools that only few people can really master doing so. Moreover, the brush head’s semi-circular shape has been strategically designed so that it effectively retains the natural softness of the hair without the necessity to trim it constantly.

  • Tooth-comb razor

The cream of the crop, this set’s double edge razor has been designed with open tooth comb on its razor head geared specifically for wet shavers. It has a special blade angle that allows you to perform a very direct shaving.

In between the closed combs are gaps found behind the razor head’s foam edge which ensures that its edge is free from residues. This in turn makes it easy for users to perform another round a lot easier.

  • Metal and chrome-plated material

To maintain the proper functioning of your safety razor and brush, it has to be kept in a safe place. This makes the Muhle S091m89 Sr a standout because it packages a razor stand freeing you from the burden of thinking where to properly store your razor and brush.

Moreover, the razor stand isn’t just any ordinary stand. It is made of metal and chrome plated that makes it looks elegant. Also, the material it has been made of is corrosion resistant and very long-lasting ensuring you that what you have is one of the best; if not the best shaving sets in the market today.


When shopping for razors, you cannot just jump into buying sites and find the most expensive ones. Although quality is what you’ll probably get the most out of an expensive product, you can never be sure its effectiveness on you. It varies, you know.

More than the price, buyers must look into shaving sets that will give their skin justice. Projecting the right balance of an effective product and a quality one is a must for any consumer. After all, each purchase means shelling out hard earned cash so it better be worth every penny.

As with the Muhle S091m89 Sr safety razor, here are some of the product’s best according to its buyers:

  • It’s a great razor shaving set especially for beginners to wet shaving. According to the users, the blades on the razor head are good for beginners who are just starting to adjust on having to shave off almost everyday. The blades easily cut through beards without having to put much pressure on it.
  • Saves you time and money. You might think that the price for this razor is too hefty. But thinking about the long-term effect, it actually saves you money. You no longer have to buy packs and packs of cartridges that’ll only last for a few months.
  • Set looks elegant. You cannot simply deny the fact that theS091m89 Sr by Muhle is one of the loveliest safety razor shaving sets there is in the market today. Aside from it being a good shave and a brush, its overall look is a great addition to your bathroom’s overall aesthetics.


Generally, manual razors such as the S091m89 Sr have disadvantages. That is not to mention that it is sold quite expensive for a razor. Disadvantages such as those listed below might make you think twice about the product but it doesn’t make it a lesser merchandise, either.

It always requires wet skin conditions. As with any manual razors, you basically have to lathe the area where you want to shave. If you are thinking about costs, it’s an added expenditure to buy a shaving cream or lotion.

Takes time to finally finish the shaving. You will have to do multiple shaving strokes for the different areas on your face to get that desired look and smoothness. Moreover, applying shaving creams also requires added time. An electric foil shaver or rotary shaver is faster but won’t shave as smooth as a safety razor.

Final Verdict

Muhle S091m89 Double Edge Safety Razor - great gift set

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Overall, the Muhle S091m89 Sr is a commendable safety razor shaving set. From the name itself, you can easily tell that it is a high quality and durable product. Not only does it effectively delivers your desired shaving output but also you are assured that this double edge shaving set will last long given the material it is made from. Moreover, its copper and metal material makes it appear elegant adding more beauty to your bathroom.