Picking a safety razor that will work for you best is always a dilemma. The perfect shaving equipment is a good concept; you need something that fits your lifestyle and will last you for a long time. The growth of available safety razors in the market is great. However the array of options can be daunting.

It can be hard to choose one thus you will encounter plenty of trial and error before you get to that most-longed for close shave. This article will compare 5 of the best safety razors today and help you decide on the best shaving utility for you. The top 5 safety razors overview can be found underneath and the full comparison and all fundamentals is mentioned further down.

Top 5 Safety Razors

Here is a list of the top 5 as coveted by men. This article will now focus on the different models’ features:

The Edwin DE89LBl is designed with a closed comb structure and it actually helps in safeguarding the skin against the blades while shaving, which means less irritation may occur during a shave. Its head has skillfully mounted caps, which can act as a shield for the razor to protect its interiors.

It is made from quality, durable brass with a shiny, polished chrome finish and has a plated brass tube handle. The handle has a lined pattern and makes for a solid grip to prevent slipping during wet shaves. The product also comes with 5-Derby blades.

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Merkur’s Long-Handled Razor is built from stainless steel with a great chrome finish. It features a double-edge design, which promises a superior close shave. It has a 4-inch long handle that sits comfortably in the palm of your hand, designed to fit guys with bigger hands.

The model was praised by consumers for its durability and good grip. It is also a finely engineered piece that not only will groom your face, but also add a touch of class in your bathroom.

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The Parker 99R has a chrome-plated brass structure designed for resilience so it will withstand severe situations associated with wet shaving. It has been given chrome plating to ensure less damage once users drop the product accidentally.

It has a Twist-To-Open (TTO) style to make replacing blades easier and trouble-free. Users must first twist the knob located at the bottom to open its butterfly doors. It weighs at 3.4 ounces and along with the 4-inch long textured handle, assures users with a better grip during wet shaves.

Lastly, it comes with 5 Shark super chrome blades.

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The Merkur FUTUR is a double-edged, chrome-plated facial hair cutter designed with the brand’s patented fine adjustment system. This product is measures at 4 ½ and is crafted in Solingen, Germany.

Several purchasers because of its first-rate quality acclaim the model. The weight and the length of the item makes for a great balance and is pleasing to the eye as well, which will definitely add character in the bath.

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The Baxter safety razor is a finely crafted double-edged model with excellent chrome plating meant to protect the razor from harsh wet shaving consequences. It is also built with a 3.4 inch lengthy, textured handle for a good grip. Furthermore, it has a tapered neck so that you can position it to any chrome razor stand for storing.

It also come in a black gift box and includes a set of Derbyl starter blades and instructional card. The instructional card shows users the steps needed in order to use the product efficiently.

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Safety Razor Shaving Basics

The safety razor was designed as an excellent substitute to the old-school straight-edge razor. They function pretty much in the same manner, the difference being that safety razors keep the user’s skin from getting cuts, nicks and scratches. They come in a lot of varieties, which includes the single-edged and double-edged, the Twist to Open, to the adjustable.

In order to shave safely using this item, you have to first remember the following tips:

  • Always have a smooth canvas to work on first and foremost. This means your skin should be tight. Older man have sagging skin as compared to the taut skin of younger guys so it’s wise that you hold complexion in a tight manner by means of your facial muscles while shaving.
  • Least pressure is key. Safety razors are designed for a close shave and these things are unlike your ordinary, run-of-the-mill cheap plastic razors. Handle it gently and carefully and do not drag it across the skin.
  • Check the length of your mustache or beard. Shorter, bristly facial hair requires shaving with small strokes. Fine or thinner hair should be shaved off with longer, even strokes.
  • Concentrate on angles. The angle in which you grip your shaving device can lead either to a close neat shave or nicks and cuts at worst. A 30-degree angle is often advisable. See to it that you modify the handle of the razor to get its correct angle.

Areas on your face without curves like the chin part should be handled carefully so as to avoid cutting or nicking it.

  • Remember to clean your shaving equipment on a regular basis. Replace the blades every week to ensure blade quality. Doing so will also protect your skin against skin problems that may result from rusty blades.
  • Practice makes a successful shave. Sometimes you’ve got to get the hang out of using your newly-bought razor first. Let the safety bar of the shaving device get in contact with your skin first before shearing to steer clear of nicks.

You may not get the results you’re expecting out of your safety razor during initial attempts and commit several mistakes but that should not hinder you from using it. Constant use and proper storing and maintenance will make you achieve greater results in no time at all.

Edwin Jagger DE89LBL safety razor set

Safety Razors vs Cartridges

Used by a lot of men because they are convenient, disposable razor cartridges have been the subject of a long-term debate. The number of men who have switched from using cartridges to safety razors have increased because users have realized that the latter offered a closer shave as compared with the former.

A multi-blade cartridge razor is designed to give a close shave by letting one of the blades tug on the hair follicle, then the hair behind it gets shaved with the second blade. However, it has its disadvantages. The whole procedure can be unforgiving on the complexion because of the constant tugging.

Another issue with cartridges are ingrown hairs. In order to get rid of this problem, companies began to design cartridges with more blades in them. Then again, it caused more irritation instead.

A safety razor has a single, well-defined blade and with the correct angle and shaving methods, it will slide throughout the skin and cut hairs in just one go. And because it consists of only one blade, the skin will experience little to no irritation.

In addition to the already mentioned benefits, you only have to replace one blade after several uses as compared with cartridges. The safety razor is also more affordable than the multi-bladed ones.

Full Comparison of the top 5 safety razors

All of the singled-out safety razors compared side by side.

  • Price

The Merkur FUTUR and Baxter of California models were so far the most expensive among the lot, based on their prices in Amazon. The Edwin DE89LBl has a mid-ranged price while the Parker and Merkur Long Handled had price points within your means.

If price is not that much of an issue for you, then the safety razors from Baxter and Merkur will hit the spot. It gathered positive reviews from online shaving equipment sites and were known to last for a long time due to their solid, durable structures.

However, if you want a clean, neat shave without the irritation and high costs, you can choose from the other three. The three models might not have the weight of the more expensive items, but according to purchasers of said products, they did the job well.

  • Technology

How To Wet Shave With Safety RazorThe Merkur FUTUR simply wins because of its adjustable numbered settings and superior quality. To regulate the model’s aggressiveness, users can choose from the settings ranging from 1 to 6 including half marks sandwiched between every number. The smallest blade gap can be achieved through the first setting while the 6th setting creates a bigger gap, revealing more of the razor.

The Parker 99R comes in second because of its Twist-To-Open feature. As mentioned earlier, this feature is an easy and convenient way to change your used blades. Because of this feature, it’s recommended best for beginners. In addition, the model is designed with a broad crown that can contain wide areas of the skin while shaving, which makes for faster shaves.

It is followed by the Baxter of California model because of its excellent quality and stylish design. Built with a great chrome finish, it promises durability since chrome plating protects razors from rust and other consequences resulting from wet shaves. Lastly, it has long screws set in place to guarantee that the shaving head stays put during grooming.

The Edwin DE89LBl features the classic closed comb head which helps in shielding the skin from the aggressiveness of the blades while shaving. It makes for the closest shave with zero skin irritation. It’s made from durable brass material and it’s crafted with finely-honed engineer caps which safeguards the razor after every shaving procedure.

Last but not exactly the least, the Merkur Long Handled is built from stainless steel for durability and a double-edge feature for a close shave. It has a handle that is slip-resistant so users can have a better grip while shaving their faces in the bath. Men with bigger hands or longer fingers will benefit much from this product.

  • Ease of Use

rp_Best-Safety-Razor1-300x197.jpgThe Parker 99R leads the pack with its non-slip, textured handle. The handle is rough thus it provides a secure grip, which makes for a faster and easier shaving while at the same time, safe to navigate the angled parts of your face. It’s even versatile; men with bigger hands won’t have any problems using this.

It weighs a good 3.4 ounces, which means you can shave with less pressure.

The Edwin DE89LBl comes at a close second with its ergonomically-designed razor. Together with a proper shaving angle, you can navigate trickier parts of your face like the chin and armpits without any hassles. The model also has vertical lines embedded in the handle to ensure better grip while shaving in the shower.

The model is also a snap to clean. You just simply put the blades under running water and it will rinse out remaining hair.

Best Safety RazorBaxter of California gets in third with its textured, extended handle which measures at 3.4 inches thick and is weighty enough to provide a steady grip during wet shaves. In addition, it is very durable and will stay in tiptop condition with proper maintenance, for a long time.

The Merkur FUTUR gives an extremely close shave and attests to its durability, however some users were concerned by the design of the settings; just make sure that you do not adjust the settings with wet hands. The blade can be slick as well, so one should practice caution while using it.

The Merkur Long Handle model features a textured, 4-inch long handle that can fit any size hands, even the biggest. It’s well-balanced and offers reasonable weight so you can acquire a good, neat shave without exerting a lot of effort.

The Final Verdict

So far most of the razors in the list did a great job in terms of shaving. Apart from shaving efficiency, the products differed in terms of other criteria mentioned above. It is up to you to determine the perfect product by means of your preferred criteria, whether you look for a razor that’s affordable, user-friendly or innovative.